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2024 Lolita Goals

  • planted on: 01/31/2024

1. Build a Foundation

I'm currently rebuilding my wardrobe from scratch. In the past, I would always buy whatever random pieces appeared on the market for cheap. However, I ended up with a lot of items that couldn't be used interchangeably.

By focusing on creating a capsule wardrobe, I hope to be able to interchange everything I own to create hundreds of unique coords out of fewer total items.

Here's a great post about creating a complete lolita capsule.

2. Stick to Oldschool

Although I really enjoy many different styles of lolita, there is something about oldschool that just keeps bringing me back. Aside from undergarments, I want to keep everything period-accurate for 1990-2005 lolita fashion. Although some pieces may actually be newer, I'd like for them to have been possible in 2005 or earlier (that means no mesh lace or chiffon and no modern prints).

Learn more about how to dress in oldschool lolita.

3. Focus on Quality and Comfort

I have spent many hours in clothing that is not comfortable. It's awful. I'm not doing that anymore.


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