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  • last updated: 01/21/2024

A New Site

Thank you for visiting my first garden post! I am excited to begin writing posts on things that interest me or that I find useful.

You can expect to see a smattering of posts about art & design, web development, Japanese fashion, and personal posts.

Trying Again

If you've followed my online journey, you'll know that I have tried and failed to create a garden several times.

My struggles can be attributed to a few issues:

  1. Using WordPress and other bloatware
  2. Trying to write for Google's algorithm instead of for myself and my friends
  3. Choosing a narrow niche

I plan to remedy these issues by...

  1. Using my own code to develop the theme for this garden, and keeping the code as simple as possible
  2. Treating this site as a very personal, social-media-adjacent space to put things that I like (and ignoring Google-sama as much as possible)
  3. Selecting whatever random topics interest me, regardless of what "how to start a garden" posts seem to advise

Site Issues

If you notice any issues with this site, please let me know! My inbox is always open at or you can report an issue on github.


₊⊹ Apr 11

Update skilltree

₊⊹ Apr 9

Add skilltree

₊⊹ Apr 2

Gut site layout & add diary ;)

₊⊹ Apr 1

Update site layout & reorganize pages

₊⊹ Mar 28

Update wardrobe.

₊⊹ Mar 27

Update colors & styles across site. Update wishlist.

₊⊹ Mar 12

Add a new handmade collection to the EGL Fashion page.

₊⊹ Mar 6

Another new piece for my art gallery!

₊⊹ Mar 5

New piece added to the gallery.

₊⊹ Feb 29

Add photos to 100 Lolita Questions.

₊⊹ Feb 28

Plant 100 Lolita Questions in my garden.

₊⊹ Feb 21

Update wardrobe plan.

₊⊹ Jan 30

Update wardrobe.

₊⊹ Jan 21

Migrate posts from my old website to my digital garden

₊⊹ Jan 19

Convert blog section to a digital garden. I want this site to grow along with me.

₊⊹ Jan 18

Add egl fashion section with a wardrobe and wishlist feature.

₊⊹ Jan 14

Add links and a button that I designed for my site.

₊⊹ Jan 8

Add blog section and first blog post. Make layout mobile friendly. Add art gallery.

₊⊹ Jan 4

Create the basic layout for Cashmere Crypt.

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